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Team Managers/Coaches must notify their Club Coordinator of a planned forfeit by 5pm Friday. The exception to this is in the case of serious illness (such as COVID) or some form of emergency. In these instances, please notify your Club Coordinator by 11am Saturday.

If there are any Saturday’s you know the team cannot play (due to School exams, camp, travel etc), please advise your Club Coordinator and the GRNA Draw Convener at the commencement of the season so that games can be rearranged ahead of time, to prevent the unnecessary loss of points. Some divisions do have a bye and we may be able to switch your bye to accommodate your planned forfeit.


In 2021, GRNA implemented tighter restrictions around the wearing of jewellery during games. As per section 5.5.5 IV of the Netball Australia Rules, and section ii of the GRNA Uniform Policy in the 2024 General Polices and Processes, only a taped wedding band and medical alert bracelet are permitted. GRNA voted that in our association, a medical alert bracelet is permitted, taped and secured with padding; however, NO other jewellery of ANY KIND is permitted to be worn during games (excluding a medical alert bracelet). Jewellery must be removed. No taping, no covering with headbands, no bandaids and no gloves. Any player in breach of the rules will not be permitted to take the court until the jewellery has been removed.



The parent helper roster is released with the draw, giving teams ample time to arrange parent helpers for their rostered shift. If you know you cannot assist on your rostered day, please contact your Club Coordinator at least one week prior so that a swap can be arranged. Please note, this does not mean you skip your shift. Your shift will take place at a later date.

Failure to complete parent helper duties as per the roster will result in an automatic forfeit for the team AND a one-week suspension (the following week). As a consequence, the team can lose up to four points.


Wet weather announcements will be made via Team App and social media by 11am Saturday. Please do not contact your Club Coordinator for this information. Check Team App and social media.

The GRNA policies implemented in 2024 and changes to the laws of the game can be down loaded here

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